Sport Pilot Training DVD for
Powered Parachutes

Training DVD
This unique training DVD includes Training Manual created from the experience of the World’s best PPC Instructors; with about 35-plus video snippets for visual clarification.

It takes one from one’s first Powered Parachute flight to the completion of their FAA Sport Pilot PPCL certificate!

As bonus features, this DVD also includes related Powered Parachute topics ranging from…
The History of this unique pendulum aircraft to the common mistakes made by new pilots…and the FAA PPC Handbook.

Written by Fredrick Scheffel, a CFI with over 400-PPC students, and a long-standing FAA Examiner. He was also the primary author for the FAA PPC Handbook.

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To continue to serve your PREDATOR Powered Parachute needs, PREDATOR has relocated to Mesquite Nevada, just 78-miles NE of Las Vegas Nevada. 

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The PREDATOR Powered Parachute is the ONLY PPC to have every been awarded the
Oshkosh Gold Grand Champion Trophy!
And this coveted, top award has been received twice by the PREDATOR!
Our brief summary of AWARD History

2005 Oshkosh Gold Grand Champion


2005 Best Commerical - Sun N Fun

2006 Grand Champion Winner Tom Janetzke


Ken & Carolyn Wilson holding 2007 Grand Champion Trophy



Ken Wilson's PPC